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RFA Regent at Hobart, Tasmania in 1968 © Noel Brown


RFA Regent at Friedrickshgaven in April 1981 ©  Mark Nugent




Previous name:
Subsequent name:                 Shahzadelal  

Official Number:                     305574                                                       

Class:                                    REGENT CLASS Armaments Stores Ship

Pennant No:                          A486

Laid down:                            4 September 1964
Builder:                                  Harland & Wolff, Belfast

Launched:                              9 March 1966
Into Service:                           6 June 1967
Out of service:                        October 1992
Fate:                                     Sold for breaking up at Alang, India.


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Background Data:   There were two Admiralty-designed ships in this Class and although the order for them was officially announced at the beginning of 1963, it was not until the 13 August that year that the builders were named. They cost a total of £15 million and carried a full range of ammunition and armament stores, with limited stores and provisions. In 1966, this Class became the first RFA’s to be allocated permanent Flights and carried Wessex HU5 helicopters from 829 NAS until April 1987 as they were fitted with full aviation facilities. Affectionately known in the Fleet as Regret and Remorse, their proud boast was that they were designed to sink upright


24 January 1963 ordered as A.E.F.S. 02

8 February 1966 planned launch date delayed

9 March 1966 launched by Harland & Wolff Ltd, Belfast as Yard Nr: 1658 named REGENT.The Lady Sponsor was Mrs Lucy Faulkner, w/o the Northern Ireland Minister of Commerce

18 December 1966 Captain Henry O L'Estrange DSC RD RFA appointed as Master

16 May 1967 in to service

September 1967 at Grand Harbour, Malta

27 July 1968 Captain A S McWilliam RFA appointed as Master

25 November 1968 off Hong Kong RASed with HMAS DUCHESS

December 1968 berthed at Hobart, Tasmania

October 1969 humanitarian aid - received a request from the British cargo ship CYCLOPS which was 200 miles ahead of her in the South Atlantic, for medical assistance for a suspected case of gangrene on a Chinese steward. Her helo transported the patient to REGENT for treatment

2 January 1970 arrived at Plymouth from Cape Town

5 January 1970 at Plymouth water ship Freshpond alongside supplied 108 tons of water

7 January 1970 at Plymouth NAV Kinterbury alongside - cargo work

13 January 1970 at Plymouth oiler C604 alongside supplying bunkers

15 January 1970 at Plymouth water ship Freshburn alongside supplied 195 tons of water

16 January 1970 at Plymouth water ship Freshburn alongside supplied 210 tons of water

19 January 1970 sailed Plymouth to Portland

21 January 1970 sailed Portland to Gibraltar arriving on 23 January 1970

25 January 1970 to 30 January 1970 involved in exercises in the Gibraltar area

26 January 1970 anchored off Gibraltar until 4 February 1970

5 February 1970 until 6 February 1970 involved in exercises in the Gibraltar area

7 February 1970 anchored off Gibraltar

9 February 1970 moved to Number 50 berth in Gibraltar Harbour

20 February 1970 sailed Gibraltar to Malta arriving 22 February 1970

2 March 1970 sailed Malta to Gibraltar

5 March 1970 berthed at Number 51 berth in Gibraltar Harbour

19 October 1970 berthed at Grand Harbour, Malta

4 August 1971 along with RFA OLMEDA she starred in Operation Lymelight - a live BBC TV programme from the English Channel

14 January 1972 at Plymouth

30 June 1972 at Plymouth

25 August 1972 at Plymouth

25 October 1972 at Rosyth

18 January 1973 on the River Tyne

7 March 1973 on the River Tyne

26 March 1973 humanitarian aid - along with HMS INTREPID, she assisted in fighting a fire aboard  the Liberian registered tanker NAESS SPIRIT 60 miles off  Brest

8 June 1973 along with RFA TIDESPRING (1) she sailed Portsmouth as part of Task Group 317.1 - the first Group Deployment - led by the cruiser HMS TIGER

20 August 1973 sailed from Singapore to take part in Exercise Green Light with RFA TIDESPRING (1) and RN Units

20 December 1973 at Plymouth

18 January 1974 at Portland

10 July 1974 to 30 July 1974 with RFA OLWEN (2) she supported the carrier HMS HERMES with 41 Commando Royal Marines standing by off Cyprus after a coup d’etat attempt and the subsequent Turkish invasion. Other ships standing by were RFA’s GOLD ROVER and OLNA (3)

24 February 1975 at Glen Mallen

22 December 1975 at Portland Dockyard

23 January 1976 anchored off Harstad together with HMS HERMES and RFA PLUMLEAF (2)

30 January 1976 berthed at Amsterdam

6 February 1976 sailed Amersterdam to Plymouth Sound arriving the next day

13 February 1976 sailed Plymouth Sound 'C' Buoy and RAS'ed with HMS BRISTOL

14 February 1976 on 'C' Buoy at Plymouth Sound

18 February 1976 sailed Plymouth Sound. Engines broke down and was towed back into Plymouth Sound

20 February 1976 towed to Number 1 Jetty, Devonport Dockyard for repairs

1 March 1976 on 'C Buoy, Plymouth Sound

9 March 1976 sailed Plymouth Sound for sea trials to check out the ships engines returning to 'C' Buoy, Plymouth Sound

10 March 1976 sailed Plymouth Sound again

21 March 1976 again made fast to 'C' Buoy, Plymouth Sound

29 March 1976 sailed Plymouth Sound on West Atlantic deployment

1 April 1976 passing the Azores

2 April 1976 reversed course so the ships helicopter could deploy to a commercial ship to remove their Chief Cook with a suspected fractured skull for treatment in the Azores

10 April 1976 alongside at Mayport Florida with RFA OLMEDA. The USS Kalamazoo was the host ship

12 April 1976 sailed Mayport and had a Vertrep with HMS ARK ROYAL

13 April 1976 RAS'ed with RFA's OLMEDA and RESOURSE and a Vertrep with HMS ARK ROYAL

14 April 1976 RAS'ed with RFA LYNESS

15 April 1976 berthed alongside in Fort Lauderdale

21 April 1976 sailed Fort Lauderdale sailing east

1 May 1976 arrived Plymouth Sound

3 May 1976 sailed Plymouth Sound and RAS'ed with HMS LONDON. Returned to Plymouth Sound

7 May 1976 sailed Plymouth Sound and anchored in Mounts Bay

8 May 1976 RAS'ed with HMS ANTRIM

9 May 1976 anchored in Cardigan Bay

11 May 1976 in Plymouth Sound

16 May 1976 sailed Plymouth Sound 

19 May 1976 RAS'ed with HMS INTREPID

21 May 1976 alongside at Glen Douglas to de-store cargo prior to refit

16 June 1976 sailed Glen Douglas

18 June 1976 in Plymouth Sound

24 June 1976 sailed Plymouth Sound for exercises in the Atlantic returning to anchor on 30 June 1976 in Mounts Bay

2 July 1976 in Plymouth Sound on 'D' buoy

5 July 1976 berthed on number one wharf in Devonport Dockyard

9 July 1976 moved and anchored in Plymouth Sound sailing later in the day

11 July 1976 arrived at Harland & Wolff, Liverpool for refit

21 October 1976 at Liverpool

9 February 1977 at Plymouth

5 April 1977 with RFA OLWEN and RN units anchored at Marsaxlokk, Malta

11 August 1977 at Plymouth

5 September 1977 along with RFA’s GREY ROVER, TARBATNESS and TIDEPOOL sailed Portsmouth as part of Task group 317.6 led by the helicopter cruiser HMS TIGER

4 May 1978 at Plymouth

8 May 1979 along with RFA’s BLACK ROVER and OLMEDA sailed Portsmouth as part of Task Group 317.8 led by the guided missile destroyer HMS NORFOLK

April 1981 at Friedrickshaven

14 January 1982 Commodore Chief Engineer Officer George S Burnett RFA discharged dead

1 April 1982 at Rosyth

2 April 1982 sailed Rosyth for Glen Mallen Jetty

9 April 1982 sailed Glen Mallen Jetty for Plymouth Sound

12 April 1982 arrived at Plymouth Sound. Loaded 1,436 tons pf bunkers. RMAS KINTERBURY berthed alongside loading stores

16 April 1982 still at Plymouth Sound. Loaded a further 515 tons of bunkers

19 April 1982 sailed Plymouth Sound for service during Operation Corporate- the Falkland’s Conflict - with 2 x Wessex 5 helicopters from A Flight 848 NAS embarked

28 April 1982 RASed with RFA PLUMLEAF (2) at 3 30N 16.31W receiving 790 tons of bunker fuel

30 April 1982 anchored off Ascension Island

2 May 1982 sailed from Ascension Island

8 May 1982 entered the TEZ (Total Exclusion Zone) around the Falkland Islands


15 May 1982 received 249 tons of bunkers

18 May 1982 received 337 tons of bunkers

11 June 1982 anchored at King Edward Cove, South Georgia with STUFT ship m.v. Saxonia berthed alongside

12 June 1982 commenced loading cargo from STUFF ship m.v. Geestport

15 June 1982 sailed King Edward Cove, South Georgia

17 June 1982 returned to anchor at King Edward Cove, South Georgia. Loaded 828 tons of bunkers

Regent at South Georgia

RFA Regent at South Georgia during Operation Corporate

28 June 1982 sailed from South Georgia

10 July 1982 at anchor at Port William, Falkland Islands with STUFT ship m.v. Avelona Star berthed alongside

11 July 1982 at anchor at Port William, Falkland Islands with STUFT ship m.v. Lycaon berthed alongside

12 July 1982 at anchor at Port William, Falkland Islands with STUFT ship m.v. Geestport berthed alongside to port

13 July 1982 sailed from Port William, Falkland Islands

31 July 1982 at anchor at Port William, Falkland Islands

2 August 1982 at anchor at Port William, Falkland Islands with STUFT ship m.v. Geestport berthed alongside

3 August 1982 at anchor at Port William, Falkland Islands with RMAS TYPHOON berthed alongside

5 August 1982 at anchor at Port William, Falkland Islands with STUFT ship m.v. Wimpy Seahorse berthed alongside

7 August 1982 at anchor at Port William, Falkland Islands with STUFT ship m.v. Avelona Star berthed alongside

8 August 1982 sailed Port William, Falkland Islands

21 August 1982 at anchor in Berkeley Sound, Falkland Islands

23 August 1982 at anchor at San Carlos Water, Falkland Islands with RFA FORT GRANGE berthed alongside

24 August 1982 received 238 tons of bunker. Sailed San Carlos Water, Falkland Island for Ascension Island

2 September 1982 anchored off Ascension Island. Received 849 tons of bunkers before sailing for the UK

15 September 1982 secured to No. 3 buoy, Firth of Forth on completion of Operation Corporate duties

September 1982 Captain Archie E T Hunter RFA in command

24 September 1982 sailed No. 3 buoy, Firth of Forth for Plymouth Sound

27 September 1982 secured to D Buoy, Plymouth Sound

11 January 1983 at Rosyth

25 May 1983 at Rosyth

25 January 1984 humanitarian aid - along with RFA OLMEDA she transported their doctors across to the container ship KOWLOON BAY and transferred a patient back to RFA REGENT

12 September 1984 Captain Rex A Cooper RFA appointed as Master

20 December 1984 was presented with her Falkland Islands 1982 Battle Honourat Rosyth by Rear Admiral J Burgess LVO, Port Admiral

12 August 1987 sailed Rosyth for Operation Cimnel- mine clearance operations in the Persian Gulf area

13 May 1988 Captain Peter J Lannin RFA appointed as Master

7 December 1990 Captain Rex A Cooper RFA appointed as Commanding Officer

7 January 1991 along with RFA OLMEDA, was allocated to the HMS ARK ROYAL Group following the Iraqi invasion of Kuwait

10 January 1991 Sailed UK for service during Operation Granby- the Gulf War- in company with  RFA OLMEDA, the carrier HMS ARK ROYAL and the frigate HMS SHEFFIELD

October 1992 on the Disposal List at Devonport

15 January 1993 purchased for £870,000 by Treusha Investments Ltd, Singapore and renamed SHAHZADELAL for the delivery run to Indian  breakers

21 Janury 1993 sailed Devonport under her own power at a speed of 8 knots to conserve fuel and with a crew of just 14

19 February 1993 arrived Alang for demolition




20 June 1933  her Ship’s Badge was officially presented to her predecessor



Ships of the same name



Regent. Brig of 350 bm, 97 x 29 feet, armed with 10 x 12 pdr carronade, 2 x 9 pdr, 2 x 6 pdr.  Purchased in 1816.  Transferred to the revenue service in 1831.


Regent. “S” class submarine of 1,475 tons, 260 x 30 feet, built by Vickers Armstrong, Barrow and launched on the 11 June 1930.  Sunk by a mine in the Taranto Strait on the 16 April 1943.

Battle Honours for this Vessel: MEDITERRANEAN 1940-41


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