Commercial firms have used drawings or paintings of ships purporting to be of vessels in the RFA fleet at various times in adverts for their products. Examples of these drawings can be found occasionally -

RFA in Advert


An example of this advertisment can be found displayed on the wall in the Churchillian Public House, Portsdown Hill Road, Portsmouth, Hampshire

The tanker purports to be a 'Wave' class ship of which twenty served in the RFA fleet. 

A futher example of commercial use of drawings of RFA ships can be found on a card issued by the Kellog Company of Great Britain Ltd. -


TSurge1 card


TSurge 1 Reverse


Another example of the commercial use of a drawing of an RFA ship can be found on a cigarette card issued by Gallaher Ltd., of London and Belfast




Advert 2


As and when further examples of commerical companies using drawings or paintings which purport to show RFA vessels they will be displayed here

There is nothing in this item to imply or suggest that any of the Companies mentioned have acted illegally



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