RFA Rippledyke

RFA Rippledyke


As Empire Tesbury
RFA Rippledyke


As RFA Rippledyke


Previous name:                       Empire Tesbury

Subsequent name:                  Ada  

Official Number:                      181125                                                   

Class:                                     Oil Fuel Hulk

Pennant No:

Laid down:
Builder:                                   Bartram and Sons Ltd, South Dock, Sunderland
Launched:                               21 November 1945
Into Service:                           1951

Out of service:                         March 1960
Fate:                                      Broken up


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Background Data:   She was originally built as a “TES” type (Tankers, Eastern, Steam) coastal tanker specially designed for service in the Far East. She served as an MFA at Bombay, Ceylon and Rangoon under commercial manning and management. She later served as a Shell tanker at Singapore until her purchase by the Admiralty, where all of her subsequent service was on bareboat charter. On her return to the U.K. she spent some time on charter to the Bulk Oil Co Ltd until 1958, when RFA-manned, she went to Gibraltar and was used there as an oil hulk until her sale


21 November 1945 launched by Bartram & Sons Ltd, South Dock, Sunderland as Yard Nr 310 named EMPIRE TESBURY for the MoWT

20 February 1946 offered for sale or charter by the Ministry of War Transport in the Times of this date. The monthly charter rate being for a 3 year charter £550 and for a 5 year charter £450.

March 1946 completed and placed under management of Anglo Saxon Petroleum Co Ltd,. London

9 March 1946 sailed Sunderland for Colombo

21 March 1946 arrived Malta

14 July 1948 sailed Singapore for P Samboe

23 August 1948 sailed Singapore for Pnompenh

20 March 1950 alongside at Singapore

6 June 1951 transferred to the Admiralty at Singapore and renamed RIPPLEDYKE. On charter to various commercial companies

7 February 1953 with RFA FRESHLAKE and from 17 February 1953 RFA EDDYCLIFFE assisted in the provision of fresh water to the area around Sheerness, Kent after severe flooding.

1958 became RFA manned and proceeded to Gibraltar for service as an oil hulk

March 1960 on the Disposal List at Gibraltar

2 April 1960 arrived Genoa for demolition by Cantieri Navaferre, but was resold to S. Lucchese &  I. Esposito, Venice and was converted into a suction dredger for service at Palermo, name unchanged

1965 purchased by Compagnia di Navigazione SpA “MOTIA”, Palermo and was renamed ADA

5 November 1966 in collision with the Yugoslavian BOCNA and sank near the northern breakwater at the entrance to Lido, port of Venice

14 November 1966 the wreck was struck by the wooden m.v. MARINA DI SAPRI  inbound from Yugoslavia which sank without any casualties

4 February 1967 wreck refloated, repaired and re-engined with 1 x 6 cyl 230 x 489mm diesel engine by Motorenwerke Mannheim A.G., Mannheim. 1050 bhp

1978 reclassed as barge

November 1981 sold for demolition by Accaierie di Porto Nogaro, Porto Nogaro

July 1982 demolition begun

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