Royal Fleet Auxiliary: Its Ancestry and Affiliations 1600-1968

Author:              E. E. Sigwart

Publisher:          Adlard Coles

ISBN                13: 978 0229985814

Published:         March 1969







The Royal Fleet Auxiliary, 1905-85

Author:              Tony James

Publisher:           Maritime Books

ISBN                  13: 978 0907771210

Published:           September 1985





Royal Fleet Auxiliary in Focus

Author:              Jon Wise

Publisher:           Maritime Books

ISBN                 13: 978 0907771890

Published:          1 May 2000




RFA Wave Premier:  Korean Wartime Voyage 1951 – 1952 – a view from the bridge

Author:              Philip Harland

Publisher:          Philip Harland

ISBN                 0:473 07032 4

Published          25 June 2000








The Adventures of Mrs RFA Orangeleaf and Friends: The Pirates

Author:              Pierre Cornlover

Publisher:          The Pentland Press

ISBN                 13: 978 1858218779

Published:          1 August 2001





The Royal Fleet Auxiliary Service Medal: Royal Warrant (Command Paper)

Author:              Ministry of Defence

Publisher:          Stationary Office Books

ISBN                  13: 978 0101526425

Published:          2 October 2001




Royal Fleet Auxiliary: A Century of service

Author:              Tom Adams and James R. Smith

Publisher:           Chatham Publishing

ISBN                  13: 978 1861762597

Published:          15 June 2005




No Sea Too Rough: The Royal Fleet Auxiliary in the Falklands War

Author:              Geoff Puddefoot

Publisher:          Chatham Publishing

ISBN                 13: 978 1861763143

Published:          15 May 2007




Royal Fleet Auxiliary Service: Memorial Register 1905 – 2005

Author:                Christopher J White

Publisher:             Privately by Gibeltarik Limited

Published:            2008




The Fourth Force: The Royal Fleet Auxiliary since the war

Author:            Geoff Puddefoot

Publisher:        Seaforth Publishing

ISBN               13: 078 1848320468

Published:       30 October 2009




Ready for Anything: The Royal Fleet Auxiliary from 1905 to the Korea War

Author:              Geoff Puddefoot

Publisher:           Seaforth Publishing

ISBN                 13: 978 1848320744

Published:          18 November 2010




GC on the Rock: The Story of George Henderson

Author:              Terry Hissey

Publisher:           Civil Defence Association

ISBN:                 13: 978-0-9550153-3-5

Published           27 April 2011


(The story about the destruction of RFA Bedenham)



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