Previous name:
Subsequent names:               Silverbrook,  David C. Reid  

Official Number:                       217911                                                

Class:                                       One of 4 American-ordered LEAF

Pennant No:

Laid down:
Builder:                                     Merchant Shipbuilding, Chester, Pennsylvania
Launched:                                5 December 1918
Into Service:                             Never in service as an RFA
Out of service:
Fate:                                         14 October 1928 lost with all hands in the North Atlantic at 37N, 38W


Items of historic interest involving this ship: -


Background Data:  In 1917 the Admiralty ordered a further four tankers from the Chester Shipbuilding Co, which later became known as the Merchant Shipbuilding Corporation , Chester, Pa and these were to have been named SPRINGLEAF, SUMMERLEAF, AUTUMNLEAF and WINTERLEAF. All four were however taken over whilst building and were completed for the United States Shipping Board. Their subsequent careers have been researched purely as a matter of interest as none of them ever served as an RFA


Career Data:


1917 ordered from the USA

5 December 1918 launched by Chester Shipbuilding Co, Chester, Pa as Yard Nr 344

May 1919 completed as SILVERBROOK for the USSB (Emergency Fleet Corporation)

21 June 1920 sailed Norfolk Virginia to Port Lobos

28 June 1920 passed Sand Key, Florida, westbound

1928 purchased by John Kay Shipping Corporation, Boston, USA and renamed DAVID C REID

1 September 1928 sailed Samarang for Philadelphia with a cargo of molasses with a crew of 45

6 October 1928 passed Gibraltar enroute to the USA

14 October 1928 sent out an SOS in the North Atlantic 600 west of the Azores during a hurricane but was never heard from again and  disappeared with the loss of all hands

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