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X craft general Class plan

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Previous name:                  X100
Subsequent name:             British Toiler,  Shell Mex No 3


Official Number:                 145266                                                                             

Class:                                Former “X” Craft converted to a fuel barge                                   

Pennant No:                      X100  (originally)        

Laid down:
Builder:                             William Dobson, Newcastle      
Launched:                         1915  

Into Service:
Out of service:                   Sold 1920 
Fate:                                 Broken up       


Items of historic interest involving this ship: -


Background Data:  Was one of a Class of 225 units built during the First World War which were nicknamed Black Beetles which were born out of the need for a basic, shallow-draft, powered landing craft, and many were equipped with a hand-operated ramp extending over the spoon-shaped bow, while others were completed as water tankers and later saw service as fuel tankers. The first batches, completed in 1915, were towed out to the Mediterranean for service in the Gallipoli Campaign and were used for putting troops and equipment ashore at the Dardanelles


1916 completed by Wm Dobson & Co Ltd, Walker-on-Tyne as Y.N. 194 named X 100 for the Admiralty

1916/1917 Converted  to oil fuel barge and renamed TOILER

December 1918 based on the Tyne

1919 in Northern Russia

1920 sold to Vauxhall Trading Co. Ltd. name unchanged

192x BRITISH TOILER, British Petroleum Company

1932 transferred to Shell-Mex & B.P. Ltd., London and renamed SHELL MEX No 3

1938 re-engined with 4cyl. by Crossley Bros., Manchester

19?? purchased by N.W. Woods, Gosport, name unchanged

1975 purchased by Northwood (Fareham) Ltd, Havant name unchanged

1981 to Bowker & King Ltd., London name unchanged

11/1987 broken up at Rochester by Romamet Ltd.


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