On 15 August, 1945 Vice Admiral Harold T.C. Walker, CB, Vice Admiral Commanding Third Battle Squadron, was ordered to carry out Operation JURIST, D Day being fixed as 21 August 1945 In accordance with these orders, the following forces sailed from Trincomalee.

Force 11: H.M.S. NELSON (Flag of Vice Admiral Commanding Third Battle Squadron), NIGERIA, CEYLON, HUNTER, STALKER, SHAH, ATTACKER, TARTAR (Captain (D), Tenth Destroyer Flotilla), PETARD, VOLAGE, PRINCESS BEATRIX, QUEEN EMMA
Force 12: H.M.S. VERULAM, VIGILANT, 8 B.Y.M.S.
Force 13: H.M.S. PENN, LST 383 (loaded with vehicles)
Force 68: H.M.S. LONDON (Broad Pendant of Commodore Albert L. Poland, CB, DSO, DSC, Commodore (D), RAIDER, ROCKET
Force 157: H.M.I.S. GODAVARI, BARACUDA, H.M.S. MULL OF GALLOWAY, tanker CROMWELL, 26 M.L.s of the 34th, 38th, and 56th M.L. Flotilla, 9 H.D.M.L. of the 110th Flotilla.

It was while these forces were on passage eastward that delays in negotiations and in the arrival of the Japanese Emperor’s orders to case hostilities in South East Asia became apparent. D Day had, therefore, to be postponed and on 20th August all forces concentrated at Trinkat Champlong on the north east coast of Great Nicobar Island. This bay provided shelter from wind and swell, and M.L.s and B.Y.M.S. were able to refuel at the anchorage while larger units remained at seas in the vicinity.
By this time it had also become apparent that no landings in this theatre would be permitted by the Allied High Command until the final instrument of surrender had been signed at Tokyo. According, all plans had once again to be adjusted.

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