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Subsequent name:   

Official Number:                       133139                                                                        

Class:                                       INNIS CLASS Water Carrier

Pennant No:

Laid down:
Builder:                                     A Jeffrey & Co, Alloa
Launched:                                14 June 1913

Into Service:                              2 October 1915

Out of service:
Fate:                                         10 January 1921 wrecked


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Background Data:   There was originally a Class of 18 vessels with the INNIS prefix to their names, and the first 12 vessels were ordered in 1912, followed shortly afterwards by orders for a further 6 vessels. Only 6 of the Class  saw Admiralty service as Water Carriers during WW1


14 June 1913 launched by A. Jeffrey & Co, Alloa as Yard Nr 8 named  INNISJURA for Coasting  Motor Shipping Co Ltd (John M. Paton, Manager) Glasgow

6 August 1913 registered as above

14 August 1913 sailed from Burntisland

15 August 1913 arrived at Granton from Burntisland with a cargo of coal when on passage to Fraserborough

3 September 1913 sailed West Wemyss for Peterhead with a cargo of coal

2 October 1915 purchased by the Admiralty for service as a Water Carrier, name unchanged

29 November 1915 the Director of Transport allocated this ship to Scapa Flow with a Master, a mate, two enginemen and three deckhands

16 June 1919 at Rosyth alongside HMS CASTOR refuelling her

18 March 1920 purchased by Renhold J. Frisk, Cardiff name unchanged

28 April 1920 owner became Mizel Shipping Co Ltd (Harold Davies & Renhold J. Frisk Managers) Cardiff name unchanged

1 July 1920 arrived at Burntisland from Grangemouth in ballast

6 July 1920 while on passage from Burntisland to Aberdeen put into Dundee with engine trouble

11 July 1920 sailed Aberdeen for Middlesborough

2 September 1920 berthed at Aberdeen

7 October 1920 sailed Aberdeen for Leith

10 January 1921 wrecked in a gale at the entrance to Loch Broom whilst on passage from Loch Broom to Glasgow with a cargo of timber. The crew escaped in a boat and landed at Ullapool

 Press Report Innisjura 

Press report from the Aberdeen Journal of 13 January 1921


18 February 1921 register closed

1991 wreck rediscovered by recreational divers at 57 56.32N 5 12.21W at about 35m

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