RFA Empire Rita - as Frisky - at Malta


RFA Empire Rita - as Frisky - at Gibraltar

Frisky at Gibraltar


RFA Frisky at Gibraltar on 24 July 1963 with RFA Olna (2) behind

Previous name:
Subsequent name:                    Frisky   Creo

Official Number:                         169470

Class:                                          Miscellaneous Harbour Tug - IMPROVED STELLA Class

Pennant No:                               A396

Laid down:
Builder:                                       Ferguson Brothers, Port Glasgow
Launched:                                 15 December 1945

Into Service:                              May 1946
Out of service:                           Sold out of service 1970
Fate:                                           Broken Up


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Background Data:   There were a number of vessels which fell into the category of Miscellaneous Harbour Tugs which all belonged to different Classes and which were based at various Naval Bases for general duties


15 December 1945 launched by Ferguson Bros (Port Glasgow) Ltd, Port Glasgow as Yard Nr 378 named EMPIRE RITAfor the MoWT

13 May 1946 completed and placed under management of  Overseas Towage & Salvage Co Ltd, London

1946 allocated to RNO Clyde

11 April 1949 transferred to the Boom Defence Officer Clyde, civilian manned under RFA conditions

13 February 1950 Mr M Kavanagh appointed as Chief Engineer Officer

28 November 1952 Captain F Trainer appointed as Master

11 September 1958 at Portsmouth for refit then transferred to the PAS to replace FORTITUDE

1959 renamed by the Admiralty 'Frisky'

30 June 1960 transferred to C.D, Malta - arrived under tow of RFA Bustler

6 August 1962 in refit in Malta in No 2 Dock with HMS Maddiston

18 April 1963 transferred to Gibraltar and was towed there by RFA Bustler

1964 owners became the Secretary of State for Defence

1970 sold for £29,000 by S.O. Mar  Ltd, Valetta and renamed CREO.Her owners were subsequently restyled as Creo (Malta) Ltd

2 October 1978 and on three other dates offered for sale by Tender in the Times of Malta the tug lying at Mgarr Harbour Gozo

March 1979 sold to Salvatore Palermo Cia S.N.C. for breaking up at Naples

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