RFA Empire Netta



Official Number:                   169459     

Class:                                  Miscellaneous Harbour Tug - IMPROVED STELLA Class

Pennant No:                         A382

Laid down:
Builder:                                Fleming & Ferguson, Paisley
Launched:                            21 September 1945
Into Service:                          December 1945
Out of service:
Fate:                                    Broken up


Items of historic interest involving this ship: -

Background Data:  There were a number of vessels which fell into the category of Miscellaneous Harbour Tugs which all belonged to different Classes and which were based at various Naval Bases for general duties


21 September 1945 launched by Fleming & Ferguson Ltd., Paisley as Yard Nr: 729 named EMPIRE NETTA for the MoWT

5 December 1945 completed and was handed over to Steel & Rennie Ltd., Glasgow for onward delivery

1946 managers became Overseas Towage & Salvage Co Ltd, London

1946 above management ceased

22 February 1947 sailed with RFA EMPIRE ROSA and the Fishguard life boat to render assistance to the tanker Empire Dolphin which had been under tow off the South Wales coast when her tug Warrior broke down and had to abandon the tow.

1949 transferred to the Admiralty and was based at Pembroke Dock / Milford Haven

2 April 1949 Captain Walter H A Medway appointed as Master

21 August 1949 Mr W A Canton appointed as Chief Engineer Officer

13 January 1950 passed the Lloyds Signal Station on the Lizard steaming east with a tow

17 January 1950 sailed from Portsmouth Harbour

5 September 1951 at Milford Haven alongside HMS MANXMAN assisting her sail



18 January 1954 towed RFA WAVE VICTOR which had caught fire in the Bristol Channel towards Swansea Bay.

16 June 1954 Captain W C Martin appointed as Master

25 October 1954 was involved with RFA EMPIRE ROSA and various RN ships in the search for a Gloster Javelin aircraft which had crashed in the Bristrol Channel off Flatholme.

3 April 1955 Captain T G Hewitt appointed as Master

21 January 1958 steam ship CALCHFAEN stranded on Arklow Bank when on voyage Port Talbot to Londonderry. Refloated by tug Empire Netta but sank following day near Arklow Bank

9 September 1958 Mr W A Canton appointed as Chief Engineer Officer

9 December 1961 Dutch coaster Weimar sank 2 nautical miles (3.7 km) north of the South Bishop Lighthouse, Pembrokeshire. Assistance was offered by the Empire Netta but refused. She sank following engine failure, all five crew were rescued by the Trinity House vessel Argus

1964 owners became Secretary of State for Defence under RFA conditions

Netta Dry dock Milford Haven

25 May 1964 Captain M B Price appointed as Master

29 September 1965 damaged the ferry CLEDDAU QUEEN at Pembroke Dock while assisting RFA WAVE BARON to change berths

June 1966 at Cardigan Bay Trawler Lydia Eva YH89 experienced engine problems - taken in tow by Empire Netta and delivered to Holyhead

Empire Netta

27 June 1966 towed Watchmoor to Holyhead with engine faults

1967 on the Disposal List at Pembroke Dock

17 October 1967 purchased for £3,600 by Jos de Smedt, Antwerp

9 November 1967 handed over and sailed Pembroke Dock

17 November 1967 passed Antwerp en route to demolition at Burght

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