RFA Cairndale (Dale Class Oiler) 1939

Convoy                 Depart                   Arrive

OB.4    Liverpool 14th September 1939 – Convoy dispersed
(Cairndale joined from Milford Haven on the 14th September)

BHX.14 Bermuda 7th May 1940 – Joined HX.41 on 13th May 1940
(With a cargo of Fuel Oil)

HX.41    Halifax 8th May 1940 – Liverpool 23rd May 1940

OG.38   Liverpool 17th July 1940 – Gibraltar 29th July 1940

Whilst serving as oiler to Force H, Cairndale was torpedoed by the Italian Submarine  Gugliemo Marconi at 08:00 hrs on the 30th May 1941, the submarine under the command of Captain de Corvetta Mario Paolo Pollina fired three torpedoes, two of which found their mark, shortly afterwards the escorting corvettes HMS Coreopsis and Fluer de Lys attacked the submarine, they were joined by other ships but the Marconi managed to escape.

RFA Cairndale sank in position 35 19’ N  8  33’ W.


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