RFA C617



Previous name:
Subsequent name:

Official Number:                              169796

Class:                                            Stores Lighter

Pennant No:

Laid down:
Builder:                                         Jas Pollock, Sons & Co Ltd, Faversham
Launched:                                     6 May 1943
Into Service:                                  1943
Out of service:                               30 August 1967

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Background Data:   Naval Stores harbour craft were usually allocated a number bearing the prefix C. This descended from the days when the Coaling Officer operated the fuelling craft and many of these craft were operated by the Naval Stores Department under the Director of Stores (Navy) C numbers were allocated to craft such as dumb barges, coal lighters, dumb coal lighters, self-propelled diesel lighters, self-propelled stores lighters, launches and tugs of which a number were registered as RFA’s and wore the ‘green stripe’ that indicated the Naval Stores Department


6 May 1943  launched by  Jas Pollock, Sons & Co Ltd, Faversham as Yard Nr 1806  named C617 for the Naval Stores Department

1943 completed

2 December 1948 grounded at Inversanda Bay, about 6 miles south of Ardgour in Loch Linnhe, North Argyllshire. Sent a distress call seeking help and requesting medical assistance.

 RFA 617 Press Cutting 2

Press cutting from the Dundee Courier of 3 December 1948

11 December 1948 while on passage off Rattray Head, Aberdeenshire the ship's engine seized and she began drifting. An emergency call resulted in her being towed by the Fraserburgh lifeboat into Fraserborough

 RFA C617 Press Report

Press cutting from The Sunday Post of 12 December 1948

3 April 1952 at Stangate Creek, Sheerness alongside HMS PLYMN delivering Naval Stores

30 April 1952 at Chatham alongside HMS CAMPANIA

2 May 1952 at Chatham alongside HMS CAMPANIA again

30 August 1967 sold out of service

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