Previous name:                                 Oner II
Subsequent name:                            Destiny, Affluence, Thomas

Class:                                              Tug - Fleet Fuelling

Pennant No:

Laid down:
Builder:                                             Cochrane & Sons Ltd, Selby
Launched:                                         1937
Into Service:                                      1938
Out of service:                                   1963 sold out of service

Items of historic interest involving this ship: -


1937 built by Cochrane & Sons of Selby as ONER II

25 November 1937 sailed Hull

1938 bought by the Admiralty and renamed C10

1944 involved in laying of the Pluto oil pipe line and in moving sections of the Mulberry Harbour

12 July 1951 at Portsmouth with oil lighters C605, C26 & C7 alongside HMS RELENTLESS



May 1953 - Diesel Tug based at Portsmouth for fleet fueling duties

1958 renamed DESTINY

13 November 1963 sold out of Service to H G Pounds, Portsmouth and then to Husbands of Marchwood.  Renamed AFFLUENCE

1988 ownership passed to Star Tug & Marine Co

1991 ownership changed, refitted and renamed THOMAS

29 September 1993 at Swansea

5 June 1994 in the Solent and at Portsmouth Harbour for D Day Commemorations

20 March 2009 berthed at Swansea Marina

January 2010 a Sustainability Award of £1,000 was made to THOMAS from the Strategic Development Fund towards the cost of hull repairs

July 2010 in service at Swansea Docks

C10 Thomas

6 April 2014 berthed at Sharpness


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