Previous name:                       Kobenhavn

Subsequent name:                  C600

Class:                                   Oil Hulk

Pennant No:

Laid down:
Builder:                                  Ramage & Ferguson Ltd, Leith
Launched:                             1916
Into Service:                          1918
Out of service:                       September 1922
Fate:                                     Scrapped 1960


Items of historic interest involving this ship: -


This ship is not connected to a ship of the same name which was built in 1921 and lost in 1928.


1916 launched by Ramage & Ferguson Ltd, Leith as Yard Nr: 242  named KOBENHAVN for A/S Danske Ostasiatiske Kompagni, Copenhagen. Was commandeered by the British Govwentment and all further work was halted owing to WW1

1918 was requisitioned by the Admiralty and was eventually completed as an oil fuelling hulk renamed BLACK DRAGON and was towed out to Gibraltar

11 October 1918 Lieutenant  Harry Y Third RNR appointed in command

Captain Harry Y Third

Lieutenant Harry Y Third RNR

23 January 1919 Lieutenant David E A Jones RNR appointed in command. He had previously been in command of RFA MIXOL and before that RFA BURMA.



Lieutenant D E A Jones RNR

Demobilised 2 September 1919


September 1922 was sold for commercial service in the same role and was purchased by Shell Co of Gibraltar Ltd, Gibraltar. As time went on, the prefix BLACK was quietly dropped from her name and she became known as just DRAGON

11 March 1960 sailed Gibraltar in tow of the Portuguese tug RRAIA GRANDE for Italian breakers

17 March 1960 arrived La Spezia for demolition by Cantieri del Golfo

31 August 1960 demolition completed


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