RFA Sir Geraint, under the command of Captain David E Lawrence RFA, was one of the first members of the amphibious task group Geraintand was present in San Carlos Water throughout the period of intense air attack immediately after the landing on May 21. Day after day the lightly armed ship was subjected to fierce attack by large numbers of enemy aircraft using cannon, rockets and bombs.

Subsequently she was employed on the re-supply of troops at Teal Inlet, an unenviable task which was performed cheerfully and with great courage.         


For this, the ship had to work unescorted and to lie in daylight in the exposed anchorage wide open to air attack with little area air defence. Throughout the period, from the landing on May 21 to the fall of Port Stanley on June 14, Captain Lawrence was an inspiration to his men

Captain Lawrence was awarded the Distinguished Service Cross on 8 October 1982


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