Badges and Emblems


Silver War Badge

Silver BadgeThis was authorised in September 1916. It was given to personnel who had been discharged ill or wounded whilst in Military Service in a theatre of war or at home. The badge was issued as a defence against the women of Britain, as up till then if a man was thought not to be in the Services, then they would give him a white feather to show he was a coward.

The badge was to be worn on the right breast whilst in civilian dress, it was forbidden to be worn on military uniform.

There were twenty nine categories for King’s Regulations for Discharge, in which someone could be awarded this badge. Only three were awarded to RFA crew members who were eligible for service on ships which sailed under Board of Trade agreements during WW1 and were not crewed by RNR/MMR crews.

This badge is now extremely rare and is only available from specialist Medal Dealers.


King’s War Badge

Kings War BadgeThe King's War Badge or King's Badge as it was known was issued by the British Government to any person who served during World War 2 and who was discharged through injury sustained on active service.

Those eligible to receive this badge must have served in the Armed Forces, the Merchant Navy, Fishing Fleets, Coast Guard, Police, Civil Defence and the Home Guard. In its day this was a form of Veteran's Badge to show that the person wearing it had served their country and had been discharged through injury.



Arctic Emblem

Arctic EmblemThis was first presented in October 2006 as a mark of the Nation’s gratitude for veterans of the Arctic Convoys of the Second World War.

This emblem was specifically commissioned to commemorate the service of Merchant Navy personnel and members of the Armed Forces in the icy waters of the Arctic Region between the 3rd September 1939 and the 8th May 1945.

An application form for this emblem can be found on the website of the Service Personnel and Veterans Agency.




UK Armed Forces Veterans Badge

Veterans BadgeThis badge is for all hose who have served in HM Armed Forces, including the RFA. It is not for veterans of Armed Forces of other countries and those who served alongside HM Armed Forces (e.g.: Canadian Navy or Australian Air Force).

This badge is a survivors badge and therefore is not issued posthumously. The only exception is for war widows and widowers who are in receipt of a war widows/widowers pension, paid by the SPVA.

All veterans of the Royal Fleet Auxiliary and STO(N) are eligible for this badge, though members of the RFA still serving will not be able to apply as they will receive their badge when they leave the service.

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