The Censor of RFA Thrush

HMS Thrush was a Redbreast class 1st class gun boat which had been launched on 22 June, 1889 at Scott’s of Greenock. In 1906 she became at Coastguard ship, by 1915 a cable ship and in 1916 a salvage ship and at the same time she joined the Royal Fleet Auxiliary fleet.


The Censor of RFA Thrush





The Redbreast Class were the last class of gun boats of composite construction that is, iron keel, frames, stem and stern posts with wooden planking.

During World War One the crews of all Admiralty ships personal communications were subject to censorship and this also applied to RFA’s.

Here is an example of a card sent by a member of the crew of RFA Thrush to his Mother on the 23rd Jan 1917 which has been examined and stamped as ‘Passed by the Censor’.


Passed by Censor


The writer of the card on 28 January 1917 – Wireless Telegraphy Operator Arnold Taylor was onboard RFA Thrush when she foundered off Glenarm, County Antrim, North Ireland on 11 April 1917 and he, together with seven other members of the crew, perished. He is buried in Manchester Southern Cemetery.

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